Newsletter Q1 2022


It was a pleasure to host our annual breakfast at Haugen in March after two years. It was great to see so many smiling faces, happy expressions and cheerful laughter, and feel the energy of everybody coming together under one roof. So many of our valued clients, colleagues and friends joined us at the incredible D&D venue in Lendlease’s IQL Stratford, and it felt so special to be back, sharing great moments with great people. We’re sure we speak for everyone when we say that we’ve really missed social interaction, and it really does feel like the world is finally returning to some normality, with a beaming light at the end of the tunnel.
Another great moment was participating in the R200 conference, setting out our views on the post-pandemic commercial property scene and the impact of the lease forfeiture moratorium. The industry has massively changed as a result of the pandemic, and with the ending of the moratorium, there will continue to be change across the board.
After a great start to the year, we are looking ahead to the next few months. We have some great projects and news in the pipeline, and we are looking forward to witnessing our diverse industry thrive over the coming months.
Ted, Nick and Vicki


Patty & Bun, Northcote Road

Patty & Bun secures it's 10th location

Earlier this year, Shelley Sandzer secured a new site for Patty & Bun, the popular better burger concept. The restaurant opened this March in Clapham on the locally loved shopping and dining destination.


The 1,537 sq ft unit, located adjacent to Northcote Records and nearby retailers such as Oliver Bonas, Kiehl’s and Archer Street Bar, is Patty& Bun’s ninth site in London, reflecting the growth of localism as consumers seek their favourite West End brands on their doorstep.
With a cross platform presence offering delivery, takeaway, and dining in, Patty & Bun’s menu features an abundance of plant-based, gluten free and halal options whilst striving to create the best burgers possible using fresh ingredients, valuing tradition, simplicity, and quality.


Slims Chicken

Slim Chickens spreads it's wins in Covent Garden

We acted for Shaftesbury in securing a new prime London location for Slim Chickens, the rapidly growing American dining brand operated in the UK by Boparan Restaurant Group.
The brand is set to make a statement in Covent Garden with the launch of a flagship West End restaurant at 1 Cambridge Circus, the prime location on the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road, adding to Shaftesbury’s comprehensive day to evening offer for visitors and office workers returning to the capital.


St Martin's House

New culinary concept named St Martin's House to launch in Seven Dials

Shelley Sandzer represented Seven Dials in securing a site for modern British themed restaurant, St Martin’s House. Set to open in April, St Martin’s House pays tribute to the rich history and character of the local area, a central theme for Aspirational Brands’ new concept.


Spanning three floors and totalling 5,000 sq ft, the new St Martin’s House will be complete with a bar and dedicated al fresco dining area in the heart of the West End. The interior design is inspired by the Covent Garden location with walls filled with flowers, along with edible flowers featuring on both the cocktail and food menus.



Time for a change with legals

Published in full by MCA on 9 March, 2022
Published in short by Property Week, 16 March, 2022
By Nick Weir, Joint Managing Partner of Shelley Sandzer

It is about time that we, as an industry, review the process of lease conveyancing. It is a paramount part to our industry yet seems to prolong and delay the possibility of job creation, rents for landlords and further business expansion.  

As we move out of the pandemic, we have seen a huge shift in promoting new business and encouraging start-ups across the board, whether that’s a new F&B, retail, or leisure concept. There’s a real drive to create bricks-and-mortar spaces, putting back the value in our high streets which is what our industry is all about. However, this is being constantly compromised.  

Leases are often written with overbearing, old-fashioned and archaic language which has no relevance to our society, and it has the potential to deter new and emerging businesses, particularly those led by entrepreneurs and young people who have only experienced a slice of what this industry has to offer. It’s quite ironic how we live in a digital age and expect the delivery of goods and services at the touch of a button, yet when it comes to legal processes, this sense of urgency is lost and puts us back to a place where prosperity is thwarted and people are alienated, particularly young and passionate business owners that will keep our dynamic industry growing. 

With delay comes an unwavering sense of apprehension, giving opportunity for either party to have second thoughts, consider better terms or go elsewhere with their business. This is not a healthy nor effective position to be in, especially following two years of uncertainty and insecurity. 

It’s fair to say that this part of our industry needs to change. Maybe there’s a digital solution to all this – we use apps for almost everything these days, so perhaps landlords and business owners could relish in this opportunity if it’s in their back pocket on an accessible device. I’m in no way an expert on this, and my idea may not be a practical way to combat the problem, but it warrants some thought. One thing is for certain, a more streamlined approach must be adopted.  



Ending of the lease forfeiture moratorium

By Victoria Oates, Director of Professional Services at Shelley Sandzer
Published in full by CoStar, MCA and Big Hospitality on 25 March, 2022

“There is hope that landlords, restaurateurs, and retailers will have much more collaborative and cooperative relationships moving forward following the expiry of the lease forfeiture moratorium. We have witnessed a real structural change in the way that businesses and landlords handle their transactions; with a much more human approach being taken by both parties. At the end of the day, one cannot work without the other, and it’s important this balance is recognised and appreciated by all.
“It is safe to say landlords and commercial tenants are able to form new rent agreements together, despite the ending of the lease forfeiture moratorium.  It’s unlikely to cause exponential damage to business across the UK – most landlords have been in talks with their tenants, offering solutions and ways to combat the issue. In addition, new laws and extensions will be put in place to protect those that still need to work out grey areas to resolve disputes.”


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