Whilst it is always preferable to try and reach a negotiated settlement, sometimes this is not always possible. Shelley Sandzer are experienced and adept in preparing Expert Reports and Replies for an Independent Expert or Arbitrator.
Cote occupy ground floor restaurant premises at Unit 6, Riverside Walk, Kingston upon Thames and it was not possible to reach a negotiated settlement with the landlords agents there being a dispute between the parties over the prominence of the subject property, the value of the external seating and the interpretation of the evidence. The evidence in question involved partially fitted units let on short term leases containing various break clauses. The rent was determined by an Independent Expert who determined a rent 18% below the landlords contended rent more than justifying the course of action to proceed to third party.



Shelley Sandzer have worked with Cote restaurant since they opened the doors on their very first restaurant in 2007.

Recent instructions include the following Chiswick, Glasgow, Bury St Edmunds, Winchester, Norwich, St Albans and Kingston upon Thames. In respect of Kingston upon Thames we were unable to reach a negotiated settlement with the landlords and Expert Reports and Replies were prepared for an Independent Expert.